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Vena’s Online Mixology Classes

FIZZ Ed For All Ages!

We are now offering online mixology classes through Zoom for all ages! See overview of classes below. We provide your Needs List prior to class and all that’s left is to stir, shake and muddle! All ingredients purchased from our online shop for classes receive a 10% discount.

Email: FMI and to register.

Mixology 101– Our mixology class includes a brief history of spirits, the art & science of mixology, 3 drinks – a classic drink, an infused drink and a shaken drink. Each participant will have a bar station set up in front of them to learn the tools of the trade.   2 hrs.  $25 p/p

Let’s Make Mocktails! – A cocktail experience doesn’t have to always include alcohol. For the Sober Curious and those looking for sophisticated, bitter-enhanced mocktails that have been carefully crafted with delicious yet complex flavors while abstaining from spirits. At Vena’s our mocktails are created with the same effort and quality as our cocktails. Using ingredients that include house-made syrups, shrubs, switchels, bitters and simple ingredients you will find in your own kitchen –  learn how to build your own custom concoctions! Includes 3 drinks & recipes. 1.5 hrs $20 p/p

Fizzology 101 – Kids 8-12 yrs. old.  Learn from our staff of trained Fizz Heads how to muddle, shake, and stir with fresh, herbs, berries, fruits, and spices to create delicious, fun, healthy, homemade sodas!  Each child gets to make two drinks Perfect for birthday parties, Bar Mitzvah, or just for FUN!  1hr.  $10 p/p


When Vena’s Fizz House began in 2013 as a “modern version” of an old fashioned soda shop, we wanted to offer healthy, delicious, fizzy beverages and mocktails that used old fashioned ingredients that includes bitters, shrubs, tonics, phosphates and fresh fruits, herbs and spices. Little did we know then –  in just a few short years alcohol-free bars and a “sober-curious” trend would place us in the forefront of this movement. As a result, inquiries – both national and international, to help bar owners set up mocktail programs in their venues have flooded in. We’re now offering consulting services to assist with the growing demand. Email for details.

Since 2015 we have offered beverages with or without spirits – where cocktails & mocktails are created equal and the experience of a well-crafted drink is for everyone.

TJ, a bar owner from Baltimore, Maryland visiting Vena’s to learn the ABC’s of a mocktail program.

“An exceptional event! I was impressed from start to finish. It began with the welcome sign out front and ended with lovely gift boxes. In between we were showered with inspired lessons, historical tidbits and impeccable service in a fabulously funky atmosphere. The staff’s enthusiasm for mixology is infectious. Thank you Vena’s Fizz House!”

Michelle – Corporate Event Director
Diversified Communications

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