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Frequently Asked Questions

How many drinks can each spirit sipper infusion make? 5+

What is the shelf life of the spirit sipper infusions after infusing? 12-24 months

What alcohol do you recommend with each spirit sipper? 

Every jar has 2 suggestions listed on the jar, but you can use any of your favorites! 

I do not drink alcohol, can I infuse the spirit sipper with water? 

We don’t recommend it.  They are made for spirits. If you are looking for non-alcoholic options – we recommend using our syrups.

How do I place a wholesale order?

Through our website here .

I am shipping to multiple addresses, do I need to put in separate orders?

Yes – but if you are shipping to over 10 addresses please contact us at and we will help you with it. 

I am ordering several gifts, can I get a discount?

We run specials throughout the year. Sign up for our newsletter here for updates!

I did not receive my gift card purchase, how does this work?

You will receive a gift card code by email – please check that your email address is correct or check your spam folder.

Can I return my item if I’m not happy or damaged with it? 

We don’t accept returns but will issue a store credit. Contact with questions.

I received an incorrect item, I would like help!

For assistance please email Molly at to discuss.

Can I cancel or add to my existing order?

Please reach out within 24 hours for us to assist you

I would like to sign up for a group mixology class, how does that work?

Email Caitlin Johnson at 

Are the Spirit Sippers Vegan & Gluten Free

It is indicated on each flavor page on the website here.

Is local pickup available?

Yes – place order online and choose Wholesale option at check out for pick up option.

Do bitters contain alcohol?
Yes, most bitters contain alcohol. Our line of bitters contain 40% alcohol per 3.4oz bottle. They are considered an extract and used by dashes and drops.
If you are looking for a non-alcoholic bitter we recommend Dram Bitters. They are glycerin based and contain no alcohol.

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