Steve & Johanna

Vena's Fizz House

Pure genius and grand ambition aren’t always the most critical ingredients to success. Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to endure a few sleepless nights.

Unimmune to the woes of the world, Johanna & Steve Corman woke one morning and met necessity head-on. A strong constitution sprinkled with a bit of imagination, an entrepreneurial heart, and a long love-affair with seltzer; Johanna (though she didn't know it at the time) struck liquid gold. She told her husband Steve, "Mute the TV and listen!" She had an "Old Port" worthy idea and wanted to make it happen. It took forty minutes of banter, a few good Googles, and before the day was over, a lease was soon signed and Vena’s Fizz House was born on July 10, 2013. Since then they have gained national acclaim for their cocktails and mocktails featuring bitters, tonics, spirits, syrups and shrubs. As seen in Food & Wine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN, the Cormans have delighted locals and travelers from afar with a mixture of nostalgic and innovative beverages prepared with simple, clean, and organic ingredients.

Located in downtown Portland, Vena’s Fizz House exudes a quintessential turn-of-the-century charm that lures visitors from around the world. It evokes the nostalgia of days passed; an era when walking was normal and swigging from a jig was the thing. The interior brick walls, arched entry-ways, and vintage copper bar endure stiff competition daily from the menu itself! Sit down and see for yourself.

Feeling parched? Take your pick. Vena’s offers a wide variety of drinks for the whole family; from botanical-infused fizzes to mocktails and cocktails. On a mission to empower the home beverage enthusiast, Vena's also produces a brand of clean, all natural beverage making products. Step into their retail mercantile shop and be inspired by any number ingredients for the novice to expert looking to dabble in the art of mixed drinks ~ with or without spirits.
If you ever find yourself in Portland, stop on by.
You're always welcome here!

Meet Vena

Vena's Fizz House Namesake

So you see, sometimes little things and even big things, can push us but it's the listening and the doing that make them happen.

Circa 1920s, an era gone by, a young Portland woman named after her father, Irvine, took the Maine Women's Christian Temperance movement by the horns. Dedicated and self-assured, she was committed to curtailing the liquid sins of the day. This was the way it was for Irvina, or "Vena," for short.

Eighty years later - yes 80 years - another strong-minded, free-spirited Portland native (Vena’s great-granddaughter Johanna) came up with an idea: A Fizz House. And, with libations free of spirits, what could be more fitting than naming the (then non-alcoholic bar) after her great-grandmother: Vena.

Over the years Vena’s liquid concoctions have grown, adding liquor to the menu most recently (sorry Vena). Now no longer considered a toddler of mixology, they have become a trusted source for craft beverage enthusiasts looking for new flavor profiles that satiate the palate.

So sit back and be prepared to taste a drink from an era gone by. A time when one "sat a spell" and "sipped a drink" that was crafted to be enjoyed.