Mocktail & Cocktail

Program Consulting

When Vena’s Fizz House began in 2013 as a “modern version” of an old fashioned soda shop, we wanted to offer healthy, delicious, fizzy beverages and mocktails that used old fashioned ingredients that includes bitters, shrubs, tonics, phosphates and fresh fruits, herbs and spices. Little did we know then –  in just a few short years alcohol-free bars and a “sober-curious” trend would place us in the forefront of this movement. As a result, inquiries – both national and international, to help bar owners set up mocktail programs in their venues have flooded in. We now offer consulting services to assist with the growing demand as well as our cocktail programs. Email for details.

Since 2015 we have offered beverages with or without spirits – where cocktails & mocktails are created equal and the experience of a well-crafted drink is for everyone.

TJ, a bar owner from Baltimore, Maryland visiting Vena’s to learn the ABC’s of a mocktail program.

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