Vena’s Fizz House

Dear Friends,

Happy Spring! We are still currently in the process of identifying a larger space to enable the next phase of our business to scale & grow in Portland.
We are excited to share our plans and will do so as soon as things falls into place – so stay tuned! In the meantime, please find all your beverage needs at our brimmed to the rim online shop. If you need a recipe, want to talk bitters or host a virtual mixology class, just give us a shout.
All the best to you & yours,
Vena’s Team
And as Vena always said, “Sip, don’t swig. But if you must swig…swig responsibly”. Take care and we will see you again in 2021. Cheers!


Where cocktails & mocktails are created equal! Since 2013.

Vena’s Fizz House is a cocktail/mocktail bar and mixology shop located in Portland, Maine.   Founded by Steve and Johanna Corman, the business began in 2013 specializing in old fashioned, all natural fizz sodas, and “mocktails”.

In 2015, Vena’s obtained a liquor license and created a custom cocktail menu.  The use of bitters and hard-to-find nostalgic ingredients, like shrubs, bitters and switchels, are now the shop’s claim to fame.

In addition to the bar, the venue houses a brick + mortar shop offering an array of items for beverage enthusiasts to dabble in the art of mixed drinks (with or without spirits).  We sell bitters, shakers, muddlers, vintage glassware, coasters, and more.  Additionally, Vena’s has created a retail line of products brand including infusion kits (all natural, freeze-dried fruit in mason jars that are ready to drink by simply adding liquor), bitters and syrups that are available in-house and at our online shop

Vena’s is also recognized as a go-to resource for mixology education. Their FIZZ ED Mixology Classes are offered both virtually and in person – with or without spirits.

Vena's Products

We create and produce our own line of specialty cocktail and mocktail ingredients. Using simple, clean, and organic ingredients, we offer DIY spirits Infusions, bitter’s infused sugar cubes and our own line of old-fashioned bitters.

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"We are high-end, but not high-brow."