We are proud to support the City of Westbrook, and Winterfest at the Falls 2021!

Please join Vena’s Fizz House co-owner Steve Corman for a virtual mixology class and learn how to craft beverages with or without spirits.


Session 1: Mocktail Making 101!
Date: February 17th
6:00PM – 6:30PM
Join us for a fun-filled (and tasty!) session perfect for those who do not drink alcohol, kids, or those looking to improve upon boring seltzer and sodas.
Ingredients included in your kit:
Royal Rose Cardamom/Clove Syrup, Vena’s Aromatic Itty Bitters 
You will need to provide ice and seltzer.
Session 2: Cocktail Making 101!
Date: March 10th
6:00PM – 6:30PM 
Make your own bar-quality beverages at home. You will learn the techniques of shaking, muddling, stirring to create a delicious cocktail.
Ingredients included in your kit: Vena’s Sunshine Sipper Infusion Jar, Royal Rose Simple Syrup, Vena’s Itty Meadow Bitters
You will need to provide ice, seltzer and vodka OR gin.

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