Fizz Heads

Spreading Fizz and Joy Throughout the Year!

Johanna Johnson Corman
Co-Owner & Chief Product Alchemist
Johanna is the quintessential late bloomer. She worked her way through restaurant jobs in her twenties. Received her college degree, got married, and had two kids in her thirties, started teaching elementary school in her forties and spawned the idea for Vena's Fizz House when she turned fifty. She is now the creator of over twenty liquid alchemy products - with more up her sleeves - and pinches herself every morning as she drives into work. She loves her staff, their creativity, and adores their enthusiasm. She thinks this is the job that will finally stick. She and her husband Steve (The Bitterest Man in the World) still cannot believe that they own their own business, let alone a bar, and are loving every second of it!

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Steve Corman
Co-Owner, Bitterest Man in The World
A native New Englander, Steve has traveled the world, been to thirty countries, has lived on two islands in Maine, and was a public school teacher for nineteen years (gifted resource for mathematics). He is married to Johanna and has two children. He has recently found himself co-owner of Vena's Fizz House and is the lead "liquid alchemist." Steve is an avid IPA beer drinker who never used a bitter in his life before Vena's was born. He is known as the Bitter King and loves ANYTHING BITTER. He brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge about bitters and a captivating presence to the liquid scene. He is engaging, informative, and loves to share new ways of approaching liquids not seen in mixology before.

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Mary Jo Marquis
Director of Business Development
Mary Jo has spent a good portion of her career in the non-profit world combining her skills of strategic planning with program and business development. At Vena's she keeps us organized, doles out a good dose of creativity, and moves us forward - ever forward! A native Mainer, she was a cocktail enthusiast long before her feet graced our door. She loves all things grapefruit and thinks the garnish to a cocktail is like a tie to a suit.

When she's off line - you will find her on the look out for all those things life has hiding behind its back and planning grand adventures that more often than not include swimming, running, biking, or hiking. She captures it all along the way through the lens of her cameras including her father’s Vintage Argus Model A 35mm he used while serving in the Navy in WWII.

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Warren Murray
Head Mixologist
Warren was born and raised in Portland, Maine where he went to high school at Cheverus High School. He is an integral part of Vena’s Fizz House. Should you happen in, you will find him cheerfully toiling with any number of our apothecary products and spirits creating herbal remedies and all forms of liquid alchemy. He especially loves making unlikely combinations that are greater than the sum of their parts. Ask him a few questions and he will tell you a tale or two. As bar manager Warren loves the mellow vibe and positive smiles of Vena's and Portland overall. It’s FIZZNESS as usual for Warren. On his days off, he spends his free time shooting film photography, snowboarding, and surfing.

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Jim Maldonis
After growing up in Arlington, Massachusetts, Jim moved to Maine to attend Bates College and eventually became a high school chemistry and biology teacher. After years of drinking exclusively rum and cokes and gin and tonics, Jim began expanding his beverage palate as well as his home bar, making drinks for his wife and friends whenever possible. When the opportunity to join the Vena's liquid alchemy team presented itself, Jim was quick to jump on board to combine his love of bartending with the enjoyment of educating everyone on the chemistry of bitters and the way they can enhance the flavor of even the most standard of drink recipes. You can find Jim, in between science classes, patrolling the bar and crafting many delicious gustatory combinations.
Susanne Gerry
Susanne is a small town gal, hailing from Lincoln, Maine. After getting her B.A. in Theatre Arts at the University of Maine Farmington, she picked a bass guitar and toured around the east coast in a rock n roll band. A whirlwind of tour life came to an end when she finally settled in to call Portland home. Almost a decade later, after years of working in child care and barista-ing, she needed a change of pace -- and that's when The Fizz House came along.

When you don't see her bopping about, chatting and singing her way around Vena's - you'll likely see her singing her way around town as a professional vocalist. Susanne's small town sense of community thrives being a part of the Vena's family, and she's grateful to spend any busy Saturday evening sharing that (and probably a song or two) with patrons.
Conor Tubbs
Conor is swell. When he's not sporting his trusty serving apron, he can be found on stage as his drag alter-ego, Cherry Lemonade (@ch3rryl3monad3). He still eats his meals in a similar manner as his baby picture suggests. He thinks you're swell, too.
Kelsey Woodhead
Kelsey was born in Lewiston (proud to be born & raised in Maine!). After studying biology in college, she pursued her passion for marine sciences and is currently working in that field. She uses her scientific training to create cocktails with the perfect balance of flavors. She also loves traveling, reading, and the great outdoors!