Fizz Heads

Spreading Fizz and Joy Throughout the Year!

Johanna Johnson Corman
Co-Owner & Chief Product Alchemist
Johanna is the quintessential late bloomer. She worked her way through restaurant jobs in her twenties. Received her college degree, got married, and had two kids in her thirties, started teaching elementary school in her forties and spawned the idea for Vena's Fizz House when she turned fifty. She is now the creator of over twenty liquid alchemy products - with more up her sleeves - and pinches herself every morning as she drives into work. She loves her staff, their creativity, and adores their enthusiasm. She thinks this is the job that will finally stick. She and her husband Steve (The Bitterest Man in the World) still cannot believe that they own their own business, let alone a bar, and are loving every second of it!

To get in touch, email Johanna at:
Steve Corman
Co-Owner & Bitterest Man in The World
A native New Englander, Steve has traveled the world, been to thirty countries, has lived on two islands in Maine, and was a public school teacher for nineteen years (gifted resource for mathematics). He is married to Johanna and has two children. He has recently found himself co-owner of Vena's Fizz House and is the lead "liquid alchemist." Steve is an avid IPA beer drinker who never used a bitter in his life before Vena's was born. He is known as the Bitter King and loves ANYTHING BITTER. He brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge about bitters and a captivating presence to the liquid scene. He is engaging, informative, and loves to share new ways of approaching liquids not seen in mixology before.

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Warren Murray
Head Liquid Alchemist & Bar Manager
Warren was born and raised in Portland, Maine where he went to high school at Cheverus High School. He is an integral part of Vena’s Fizz House. Should you happen in, you will find him cheerfully toiling with any number of our apothecary products and spirits creating herbal remedies and all forms of liquid alchemy. He especially loves making unlikely combinations that are greater than the sum of their parts. Ask him a few questions and he will tell you a tale or two. As bar manager Warren loves the mellow vibe and positive smiles of Vena's and Portland overall. It’s FIZZNESS as usual for Warren. On his days off, he spends his free time shooting film photography, snowboarding, and surfing.

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Hillary Morrison
Liquid Alchemist
Hillary was fortunate to be raised in beautiful Camden, Maine - a village town "where the mountains meet the sea". As a small town gal, she was instilled with a strong sense of community and has carried that with her while first attending the University of Maine in Farmington, and then most recently on her world travels. In a beautifully synchronistic series of events, Hillary found herself totally captivated and immersed in the world of bitters, herbal alchemy, tinctures and apothecary goodness at Vena's Fizz House. She loves the creative spirits that Vena’s attracts, near and far. When Hillary is not behind the bar making drinks or preparing for fizzelicious events, she can often be found curled up with a big cup of tea and a good book, playing sweet melancholy folk tunes on her guitar, or dreaming of her next big travel adventure.