For those Abstaining

An oft over-looked and under-appreciated beverage.
We live to make our mocktails shine!

Almond Joyful
Blood Orange Cordial
Prickly Pear-tini
Blackberry puree, muddled mint, Vena's Honey Creme Simple Syrup, squeezed limes, Dram Black bitters, Cocktail Punk Pastiche bitters
Almond Joyful
Coconut cream, Vena's chocolate syrup, orgeat syrup
Blood Orange Cordial
Blood orange, Vena's cider syrup, lemon
The Snowball
Coconut cream, Vena's honey vanilla syrup, citrus, cardamom
Bangladesh Express
Coconut cream, blood orange, lime, ghost pepper
Chocolate Cherry Cordial
Bittersweet chocolate, tart cherry
Prickly Pear-tini
Prickly pear puree, pineapple, lime
Blood orange, lemon juice, anise syrup, wormwood, cedar and aromatic bitters

Vena's Mocktail Recipes

Looking to abstain but searching for a few respectful yet provocative mocktails to serve at your next soirée?

A long under-appreciated liquid, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting some serious mocktails that rival any cocktail! And we are here to share them with you. For recipes that are as captivating to the palate as any cocktail, visit our mocktail recipe page.