Liquid Alchemy

When it comes to liquids, we make them different!

We are no ordinary bar. We are liquid alchemists. Our apothecary of 200 plus liquids from around the world melds bitters, tonics, shrubs, spirits, and more to create crafted-libations that taste like liquid gold. We pour only the finest ingredients, freshest botanicals, and small-batch bitters distilling clean, refreshing liquids that quench your thirst, coat your gut, fuddle your head, and lift your spirit.


For the whole family


For those abstaining


For those partaking

Vena's Nibbles

Vena's Nibbles

We're currently serving Truffle Salted Popcorn and Sweet & Spicy Nut & Pretzel Mix.
Our small bites pack a punch!

We Throw Great Parties
Bitters Maker Showcase