Shrub Sensation

The Art and Craft of Mixing Drinks

Dating back to the colonial times, before the arrival of home refrigeration, shrubs are best described as drinking vinegars. Shrubs are a vinegar-based syrup comprised of fruit, sugar, and apple cider vinegar. Original recipes used vinegar as a natural preserver in place of citrus juices during the off season and were used as a way to rehydrate; a natural gatorade of sorts. Shrubs can be added to seltzers, cocktails, and a variety of food recipes.

An Old-Fashioned Tonic

Dates & Times Coming Soon

Interested in learning how to make an original, old-fashioned tonic used to help replenish electrolytes and bring about natural healing? Join our Liquid Alchemist team for a fun class where participants will concoct their very own shrub and learn how to mix these healthy potions with a variety of liquids and food.

"Don't guttle your shrub!"