Liquid Alchemy

The Art and Craft of Mixing Drinks

Whether you are a connoisseur of all things liquid or simply shopping for a unique drink, Vena's Fizz House toasts the idea that anybody can enjoy a good cocktail or mocktail, and drink in a social experience. Mixology sounds more self-important than it really is. It's simply the art of preparing mixed drinks. Whatever the level - soda jerk, bartender, mixologist or liquid alchemist - we believe everyone can enjoy crafting libations, with or without alcohol. Vena's Fizz House muddles, swirls and shakes together all-natural ingredients to bring the art of the mixed drink to the best bar around — home. From spirit infusion kits to housemade bitters, the emphasis is always on clean, simple, healthy ingredients. To learn more explore the collections below.

Funny Words Make Great Drinks!

What are Bitters?

These lovely little botanicals infused in spirits (or glycerin for those abstaining) are not as complicated as one might think. And while their history is long and varied, their resurgence in the crafted-cocktail market has brought them back into the spotlight after a recent slump due to the prohibition era of the 1920s. For seekers of pure liquids (no additives, sugars or colors) bitters offer a level of complexity not otherwise appreciated with tonics, syrups and infusions. Learn more.

A Fizz. Say What?

A nod to the temperance side of Vena’s and the namesake of our gentle establishment; Fizzes harken back to a day when food was fresh, drinks were pure, family was fun, and seltzer was a staple. When we opened the Fizz House doors these simple sodas led the way blending freshly squeezed fruit juices, a dash of craft-bitters and a squirt of seltzer. Learn more.